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The official 'e' website for the Diocese of Llandaff Youth Department


Confirmation is a really important time in our lives. In the early Church, followers of Jesus were called 'Followers of The Way', because Jesus called himself 'The Way, the Truth and the Life!' One of the important things to remember as young Christians and members of the church is that you are not 'in' the way! You are important to Jesus and the Church. So, this website is for you - to help you grow closer to Jesus and to learn more about your faith.
So, as you get further and further on the road to Confirmation, I hope you will realise that the Christian life is a bit like a journey! And what a journey! It's the journey of a liftetime! It lasts for ever and is the best journey we can make! Have fun on the Way!
Fr Dean Atkins

Llandaff Diocesan Youth Chaplain

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The official Diocesan Youth web site! Please take time to check it out. It features information about e events , and resources for young people, youth leaders and clergy.


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